Friday, September 17, 2010

ThreeAsFour Spring 2011 Show

For the first time in a few years, I attended the show of my cousin Gabi Asfour, one of three designers of the collaborative team of ThreeAsfour. While most of the shows of Fashion Week moved to the new venue of Lincoln Center (the old location of Bryan Park was abandoned), many of the independents chose to forgo the costs and expense of showing in the new venue for locations that were more suitable to the mood, ambiance and message of their brands. ThreeAsFour chose the Lower East Side. LES is the perfect "neighborhood" for the brand, which is about invention and reinvention, innovation and renovation, geometry and architecture, texture and touch, sight and sounds, grit of old and polish of new, and a completely new perspective and reception of something familiar, creating a new vibe in something so organic and natural as a park in the middle of China Town and the LES.

The show opened with a series of models in white sacks, who paraded through the streets of the LES to the park, literally, to conceal the creations so they would be exposed through the art of the show, and not a moment sooner. The ethereal music and graphic light show added to the mood and ambiance and made the audience feel as though they were somewhere else, somewhere between the present and future, somewhere other than China Town but in the coolness of the LES.

The sacks were removed to reveal innovation and creativity, along the ThreeAsFour context of shapes, silhouettes, minimalist color, detail and drape. Though the lack of color was evident, the contrast of black and white to neutrals of tan and grey in between alluded to the mood of the times in the country, but the details embedded in each piece spoke to the craving of consumers for the beauty of fashion, of fabric, of details of what's been missing in fashion for many years. While ThreeAsFour often focuses on accessories, this show was about the fashion, the garments, the silhouettes.

The music, by Nico Muhly, was entrancing with a softness of movement, ebb and flow, sounding of nature, water, a breeze over a field, the moon glistening from the ocean on a cool evening. It entrenched the audience in the ambiance and mood of the show. Chills were down my body as I was moved by the music, visually stimulated with the light show and fashion.

The lazer light show and abstract film was by Christina Kruse, starring various nineties models, was projected onto a canvas spiral that was the centerpiece of the show, as well as onto the models themselves. There was interaction of light and fabric, movement and shapes, the play on light.

The garments themselves, the atmosphere, the location, the music all spoke to a calm creativity in the midst of chaos.... fashion happening in the midst of life; a seamless integration of life in a public park and the creative force of Threeasfour.

My personal hope is that this show sends a message to the wanabees, to the fashion industry, to those who spend $200k on a fifteen minute show.... this is fashion!! This is real creativity, innovation and the true beauty of ART!

From interview magazine, the music and a short videao featuring ThreeAsFour:

For additional images from the show:,9774

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