Monday, April 4, 2011


Vogue has launched the ‘Influencer Network,’ a platform for advertisers who want their messages spread across social media. The panel of 1,000 influential women with an interest in fashion and an online following are asked to give feedback to clients about new products, fashion collections and ad content. They are also encouraged to discuss the products with followers on their social networking sites to raise awareness for the clients and for Vogue as well.

As a member of the Vogue Influencer Network, I receive a variety of products to check out, try, use and post a comment or evaluation.

This week I received the Clarisonic Skincare system. It's not my favorite, I have to say. The brush doesn't rotate really, it vibrates and I can get just as good a result with a good exfoliator and mitt.

But, when I received Brahmin's Anytime Tote, I was floored. It is a fantastically gorgeous leather bag from Brahmin, the maker of fine leather handbags and small leather goods.

A large box was waiting on my doorstep with the gorgeously packaged handbag. The bag itself is beautifully made with solid hardware and construction. It is a preview of the collection that will be available at retail at the end of April.

The Red card attached said:

Dear Leslie,

You’ve been selected by Vogue to discover Brahmin, a luxury handbag company known for its timeless, sophisticated styles.

It also goes on to tell me that the Anytime Tote will not be available in stores until May. It will however, be available on April 15 on and in the Brahmin Boutiques.

What a nice surprise!

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